Campus Recreation Fitness is aimed at giving students--as well as faculty and staff--a fun yet rigorous exercise program that is also social and dynamic. We offer 2 fitness classes (Both courses included in Summer Fitness Pass), and 2 Strength & Conditioning classes (Both times included in registration) during summer semester.


Cycling & Toning 
Start your day off right with Morgan’s Cycling & Toning. This class is perfect for toning your legs, glutes and core like nothing before. The class consists of 40 minutes of fast-paced hills and sprints, followed by 10 minutes of off-the-bike ab-burning exercises. Cycling & Toning is great for beginners or extreme bikers – all fitness levels are welcomed.

This class is held Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8 am in the Fieldhouse cycling room.


This is where the results happen! This calorie burning class mixes kickboxing combos with weights and interval training that will leave you wanting more. Morgan guarantees a great cardio workout as you kick, punch and tone your way to a stronger you.

This class is held Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 7AM in HPER 102.

Strength & Conditioning 

Strength & Conditioning is one of the fastest growing fitness program on campus. It's no surprise why it's so popular, students get instruction from certified trainers who encourage and coach them to succeed at their fitness goals. Strength & Conditioning classes are offered Monday though Friday in the Fieldhouse. 

These classes are held Monday-Friday at 7AM & 12PM in the Fieldhouse.

Fitness Pass- $15 Students / $25 Faculty/Staff
Strength & Conditioning- $80 Students / $100 Faculty/Staff

Register for Strength &
 Conditioning or Fitness Courses

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