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Greek Recruitment

Fraternity Recruitment


At Utah State, Greeks means being involved in all aspects of the college experience. The Greek Community is a support system that will not only help you through college, but throughout life. Going Greek means finding fellowship, academic support, leadership opportunities, participation in campus activities, service to the community and to the University, and preparing yourself for the future. Choose Greek Life!

What is Greek Life?

For over one hundred years, the fraternity experience has chanced the landscape of university life by contributing to the intellectual growth and social life of hundreds of thousands of men nationwide.


A tradition of brotherhood is something that each chapter shares. Brotherhood goes beyond the bonds of friendship. It creates a family of brothers that can help guide you through the many stages you will experience during your time at college and will continue well after you graduate. By making the decision to join a fraternity, you instantly become a part of a network of men worldwide that will always be there for the rest of your life.


At Utah State University, there are a variety of ways to get involved in clubs, organizations, student activities, and academic honor societies. Membership in a fraternity can and will provide you with a foundation that will allow you to become a leader and a driving force of positive change throughout campus organizations. Each organization strives to create well-rounded men through leadership training and life-skill development.


Becoming a member of a Greek organization can provide its members various opportunities of academic excellence. From study hours to scholarship programs, each chapter expects members to be students first and provide recognition to top scholars and those who improve their academic standing.


Becoming a member of a fraternity is much more than making friends. From the very inception of the fraternity, service and philanthropy have become the center of membership. While each fraternity has its own philanthropy, this community of men supports each other in their events by participating in community service projects which contribute to the greater good.

How Do I Join?

The majority of men who choose to join a fraternity choose to do so during recruitment week. Recruitment is conducted early in the fall semester. This process allows men to meet and interact with each chapter in a informal setting. It is important to meet members from each chapter so you are able to get to know the people and the organization.

During this week each chapter will hold nightly events designed to show perspective men what fraternity life is like and introduce them to the current membership. Every perspective member is encouraged to attend events from as many chapters as possible in order to find the organization they feel is the best fit for them.

How Does the Rush/Recruitment Process Work?

Receiving a bid

During recruitment week, there are a series of events designed to allow interested students and the chapter members a chance to get to know each other. Through their own individual process, each chapter will decide on individuals they will extend a bid to. A bid is a formal invitation to pledge a fraternity.


Once a bid has been accepted, the individual will become a pledge for that organization. Pledging generally ranges from 8-10 weeks, however it is important to remember that every chapter has its own unique system that may be quite different from another chapter.


Utah State and the men's Inter-Fraternal council adhere to a strict zero tolerance policy on hazing. If you have any questions regarding what constitutes hazing or if you feel you have been a victim of hazing please contact the SILC office at 435-797-2912.

How Much Does It Cost?

(Figures below reflect the 2009-2010 academic year)

Delta Sigma Phi

Pledge & Initiation Fees:
*(refunded in full if semester of pledging GPA is greater than al-men's GPA)
$340.00 for one semester
Active Member Dues: $500.00 per semester ($125 per month)
Active Member Prepay: $450 per semester
Pledging Semester: $400
Room & Board: $800.00 (utilities not included)

Psi Sigma Phi

Initiation Fee: $270.00 for one semester
Active Member Dues: $170.00 per semester

Sigma Chi

Pledge and Initiation Fees: $365.00 for one semester
Out of House $550 per semester
In House $500 per semester
Active Member Dues: $500.00 per semester
Room & Board: $265 per semester for shared and $400 for single

Sigma Phi Epsilon

In house $325.00 per semester
Out of House $400.00 per semester
Room and Board (utilities, Internet, food Mon-Thurs, personal parking spot Mon-Friday) $475 per month for private and $407 for shared *discount on paying ahead of time

Pi Kappa Alpha

Pledge and Initiation $390.00 for one semester
Active Member Dues $440.00 per semester
Room and Board $1175 per semester

Amounts are subject to change. Figures are estimates.

Common Questions

Who is eligible for recruitment?

All men enrolled in school at USU are eligible to participate in recruitment and affiliate with a fraternity. Each individual chapter has their own specific requirements for a man to join their organization.

Do I have to go to all recruitment events?

No you don't have to attend any specific number of events. Each chapter decides individually who they will extend a bid to. It is possible to receive multiple bids and if this happens it is up to the individual to choose which bid he will accept.

What if I only want to be in a certain fraternity?

Fraternity membership is more than wearing certain letters. Don’t make decisions based on stereotypes and the opinions of others. Take time to check out each chapter; keep an open mind and make the decision that is right for you.

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