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The HURD is a student-led organization that brings the Aggie spirit, pride, and tradition to Utah State. The HURD is responsible for providing a loud, fun, and passionate student section at all home athletic events. We bring Aggie Spirit everywhere we go. We are LOUD and we are P ROUD. We are the HURD, and we're the rowdiest, loudest, biggest, and best fans of USU Athletics. To check out some of our chants, click here!

All students have access to any regular season home athletic events with their Student ID card. Upon entry into Romney Stadium, the Spectrum, or any other Gameday venue, every student is a member of the HURD. We are loud and crazy, and have been described by ESPN, NIKE, Ballin' is a Habit, Fox Sports, and many other national news outlets as one of the best student sections in the country. We are smart, unified, creative, belligerent and downright insane.

But don't take our word for it.

“Utah State has 4000 student tickets and they make some type of impression on the visiting team and it’s just a party. It is one heck of a party. It’s the best I’ve ever seen. In many, many years I’ve been at Duke and Kentucky and UConn and Syracuse and it’s clearly the best I’ve ever seen in terms of atmosphere.”

-Greg Marshall, Wichita State HC

“It's a tough place to play...It’s not mean-spirited, it’s not like you’re going to get hit with a hot dog or anything. I went to Oakland Raider games. Utah State has an Oakland Raider mentality without the knives and guns.”

-Rick Majerus

“I have scouted and played all over the country, and Utah State is the most hostile home-court advantage I have been to. I loved playing there. Utah State-BYU has been more hostile and heated than Utah-BYU in the last 10 years.”

-Austin Ainge, Director of Player Personnel, Boston Celtics. Former BYU basketball player.

“They [USU student section] get very personal here. It's highly educated. They study the opponents and do a great job here. The student section is one of the greatest student sections in college basketball.”

-Ari Wolfe, ESPN announcer

“The best student section in the Mountain West no longer belongs to San Diego State, or New Mexico or Colorado State or UNLV or any of the old guard. It's Utah State, no contest.”

-Mark Zeigler, SDSU beat writer

Even ESPN says so.

Come experience the excitement for yourself! Feel free to join us at the Aggie athletic events and you'll have a great time! To see upcoming events, check out our calendar.


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