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USU Scholarships

If you're a Freshman or a Transfer student

Freshman and transfer students are automatically considered for USU scholarships when they apply for admission. Information on deadlines available through the Admissions Office.

Continuing Scholarships

Continuing students are encouraged to apply for scholarships through their departments and/or colleges. Each department has their own applicaton. Students submit completed applications to their department.

The deadline for application varies according to department.

USU Alumni Scholarships

Utah State University offers a variety of alumni scholarships. These scholarships are in place to assist the children and grandchildren of alumni who want to continue the legacy at Utah State. Funds for the scholarships are raised in a variety of ways, including private donations, earnings from endowments, and the Aggie License Plate program.

Additional USU Scholarship and Endowment Opportunities

Putting Scholarships on Hold

USU Scholarships

Scholarships awarded by USU can be put on hold for a variety of reasons.

Continuing students must request a scholarship hold on the Complete Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Online Form. Once we receive the hold form, we send a letter of acknowledgment. This letter states that the scholarship will be held only if the reason for the request is documented, and the student's USU GPA and number of credits carried meets the scholarship requirements. Students will receive verification of their hold only when we can access their grades for the most recent term they attended Utah State.

Incoming students, who have not attended USU after their graduation from high school, need to fill out an Admissions Deferment form.

Private Scholarships

Scholarships that are awarded by private organizations cannot be put on hold by the University. Recipients should contact the donor directly for information on hold requests. Monies not used by the recipient will be returned to the donor.

Departmental Scholarships

Students who wish to place a departmental scholarship on hold must contact their department.

To hold a National Merit scholarship, contact National Merit Corp., 1560 Sherman Ave. Suite 200, Evanston, IL 60201-4897.

Appeal Process

Students have the right to appeal suspension of their scholarship by submitting the online Scholarship Appeal Form. Appeals should explain why the student completed too few credits or failed to earn the required GPA. Appeals to extend the duration of a scholarship will not be considered; USU scholarships cannot be extended. The Appeal Committee meets weekly. Decisions are sent to students' USU email addresses.