Financial Aid

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Grants and Loans Automatically Adjust for Repeated Courses

Federal regulations allow students to receive aid for only one repeat of a previously passed class.   This does not prevent you from taking a class as many times as you need.  However, when you register, Banner will disregard any such repeated classes when disbursing aid.

For example, if you received a D in Math 1050, and wished to improve your grade, you can receive aid for one repeat of that class.  Once you have taken it again - even if you still need a higher grade for your major - aid will not be available for that class again.  

This does not apply to classes that are repeatable for credit, such as continuing research or studio classes, but does apply to regular courses such as Math 1050. 

This regulation still applies even if you did not receive financial aid the previous time(s) you took the course. Please contact us if you have questions.