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Career Aggie Network- FAQ

What is the Career Aggie Network?

The Career Aggie Network has been created at Utah State University through a collaboration of the offices of Alumni Relations and Career Services. By combining efforts, we are better able to assist students and alumni through services such as alumni/student mentoring, resume and interview help, job postings, and a resource library with helpful videos and articles. Although Career Services has been offering some of these services for some time, we have enhanced some programs and want to make all alumni aware of their availability.

I'm a student. How can the Career Aggie Network help me?

The Career Aggie Network can be an invaluable resource for any student desiring to place themselves in a better position to be hired upon graduation. Learn about what life is like in your chosen field by finding an alumni mentor with whom to visit and maybe even serve as a reference for your job applications. Review materials in the resource library to gain valuable insight into interview skills, making the most of your personal network, and more. And then with all your preparations in place, you can review hundreds of job postings to find the right fit for you.

I am an alumnus. How can the Career Aggie Network help me?

Even though you may have left campus and now have a beautiful diploma hanging on your wall, you will still find value in the The Career Aggie Network. If you have reached a point in your career that you want to give back and share your knowledge and experience, it is time for you to mentor a student or even an alumnus who is building their career. By joining the Utah State University Alumni Network group on LinkedIn, you can either find someone to mentor or find someone to mentor you.

Perhaps you find that it is time to return to school for an advanced degree. The Career Services office can help find the best school for you for your field and also help with the application process. Testing Services can help prepare you and administer the required test for admittance.

Alumni may also take advantage of the expertise of USU Career Services to sharpen their resume, improve interview skills, and review job postings. These services are offered to alumni free of charge – a huge savings in your pocket when you need it most.

What are the expectations of the Alumni Mentor/Mentee relationship?

Through the Utah State University Alumni Network LinkedIn group, alumni and students have the opportunity to mentor one another. You can search for alumni within specific companies, industries or locations to begin a mentoring connection online or in person. The Alumni Association expects that students will want to learn from those who have gone before, and alumni will want to share their knowledge and experiences to help the next generation of Aggies. This business relationship can continue as long as both parties would like, but please remain respectful of one another's time. The mentee should never ask their mentor for a job, but simply look for advice and assistance as they create their own career path. Alumni may become mentors to current students or to fellow alumni.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved is easy! Simply join the Utah State University Alumni Network group on LinkedIn and explore what is available and look for future features, content and resources to help develop your career and improve your future. You will find all the useful tools and information to become a mentor, find a job, or work on your personal skills. As always, if you have any questions you may contact the USU Alumni Relations office at alumni@usu.edu or call (800) 291-2586.