Background Check Information

Aggie CARE Online Caregiver Application
Background Check Information

Aggie CARE is a department on campus that facilitates child care resources for USU faculty. The online caregiver application purpose is to compile a list of students who are interested in possible nanny opportunities. Utah State University is not the employer. Individual USU employees would be granted access to your application and contact you directly if they are interested in interviewing you. Faculty members would be looking for a child care provider on a full-time, part-time or substitute basis and would be their own employer. 
Background checks are required to be on the list of potential caregivers.  The application is called the right of access. It can be downloaded at:
This will allows you to obtain your own background check. Fill out the Form 98-1-03 found at the link listed above. There is an instruction letter with the form. The form requires fingerprinting, application notarized and payment sent to address listed on the address listed in the letter. After you receive your documentation a copy should be forwarded to Aggie CARE. 
FCHD students are required to have a background check prior to any practicum work. Check with your college or employer if you have had a previous background check and can obtain that documentation.  
Your information will be forwarded to a database of potential employee candidates to prospective USU families looking for nanny services.
Aggie CARE
Emma Eccles Jones Early Childhood Education Center
Edith Bowen Lab School, West End/2nd floor, office #240
office 435-797-3052 fax 435-797-8047

NOTE:  Utah State University FCHD students are required to have a backgaround check as part of their practicum application.  Packages and more informations is available in FL205.